At what point..

A fantastic line written at Tokyo bus stand: “Only the bus stops here, not time. So don’t waste your time, keep moving with your aims.

At first when i read this i was like how timely this is. Is God trying to tell me something, so i thought? Anyway i decided to give my dreams and desires another chance. This time i was going to put in some more effort. I dont know whether you have been in a situation where one side is working out too well and the other is dying too fast. This being the side you wished had a little life in it.

So i get this e-mail that totally changes my life, well just for a few hours. Am up and down and thanking God for finally answering my prayers. This time i was positive its the right path and i was taking the offer. I make the necessary plans that will see me live my dreams.

Then few hours to the eleven hour, i get another e-mail and this is to shutter the same dream that was about to shine, to kill the only hope i still had left. There was light at the end of the tunnel, i had it in my hands, my heart was sure, i had prayed about it, i had shared with my family and friends..i had it all.

In one minute everything went blank, why do i never get this this side to balance? This brings me to the question at what point should i give up because this has gone on for a long time. Should i dream another dream, chase another desire. At what point does one change the course when in your heart you still believe?


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  1. The day you stop dreaming be very scared coz that is the day life looses meaning…keep dreaming gal

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